Alberta Chapter May 2016 Event




Alberta Chapter held its may event on Saturday May 21st, 2016 between 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM at WINSTON HEIGHTS MOUNTVIEW COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION in Calgary. The event was successful and many topics were discussed including:

  • New members introduction and CNIEA introduction to new members
  • CNIEA new website and the new registration and payment policies - presented by Nabeel Salih
  • How to increase your chances to get a job in Canada - presented by Dr. George Gerges
  • Team building workshop - organized by Arif Hamad
  • Planning for the summer picnic in July 23, 2016 in Calgary - presented by Mohammed Sultan 

Members were very active during the different presentations with many questions.


May 14, 2016 Event - Ontario Chapter -



More than 20 architects attended the first official CNIEA Architects Meeting, and after introducing everyone’s professional background and welcoming the new members, participants’ started discussing the ways to get their skills into the Canadian market, and the steps to become a licensed architect, and the value of the interpretive soft skills besides the hard “enhancing the software acknowledgement and experience skills”, Resume, Portfolio, networking.. etc. also discussed forming study groups for the EXAC preparation.
Architects through the meeting already started exchanging information, useful links and study data.

Then our presenter Tim Corocoran from Molok North America Limited held a very nice informative presentation about a new way to manage and collect waste in public spaces like parks, schools, multi-residential developments and commercial plazas, in a more sustainable, aesthetic, odor-free and compactable user friendly way.

With the refreshments all engineers and architects gathered, networked and also discussed the ways finding the right path in Canada and which keys to use whom to contact."

Procurement Processes and CSI Master Format



Procurement Processes and CSI Master Format

Members of CNIEA chapter in Toronto and their friends had the pleasure of attending a presentation on Procurement Processes and CSI Master Format by Mr. Firas Shugaa.

Mr. Firas Shugaa has BSc Arch. from the University of Baghdad and currently teaches Procurement, Fundamentals of Project Management and Construction Risk Management at Humber College.

The event was held at the South Common Community Centre on Saturday April 16th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

CNIEA president Mr. Hiam Al-Sabery started this event by introducing CNIEA objectives, and new executive members. Then, Mr. Firas Shugaa explained to the audience CCDC contract documents and the CSI Master Format and CSC.

Attendees learnt about the Procurement Knowledge Area according to PMI methodology as well as terminology and legal aspects in Canadian procurement procedures. Attendees had the chance to ask questions and discuss topics such as the bidding process and Construction Associations and tendering. During the session, members had time to network and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Special thanks to Mr.Firas Shugaa for this informative session and Mrs. Hanan Alhasani for sponsoring this event and her continuous support to CNIEA.