Ontario Chapter - October 29 Event

Written by Mustafa Khalil


CNIEA Ontario Chapter held the second event of this month in

October 29th at Clarkson Community Centre in Mississauga.

Dr. Chaitanya Baliga started his presentation about Quality Management Standards

around 11:00 am. The presentation attempts to relate perception of visual spectrum

and colour mixing as an analogy to perceive and differentiate between Leadership

and Management concepts within Quality Management System.

      At the beginning of presentation Dr. Chaitanya engaged the attendees in an

exercise and they had to provide their answers at the end of the presentation.

     Also, we’ve discussed about the principles of the ISO standards, Lean Six

Sigma and Change Management.

    As usual in every event, we had our delicious Iraqi breakfast with chatting and

networking between CNIEA’s members and guests.

    End of the presentation, CNIEA awarded the guest Dr. Chaitanya with a simple

prize to show our appreciation. Thank you, Dr. C. Baliga for the beneficial

presentation, thank you for your time and effort. Thank you to CNIEA exciting and

new members, for attending our event. Hope to see you in our next events.

For copy of OAA Presentation as a PDF format, refer to Download Page - Ontario Chapter