Ontario Chapter – September 24th Event

Written by Mustafa Khalil


CNIEA Ontario chapter held their first event after the fantastic annual picnic on September 24th at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.  A great turnaround was apparent at this event from both the engineering and architects groups. The agenda for the event included two presentations, one regarding EXAC exam and the second on team work. As usual networking and light refreshments were part of the agenda that day.

Mrs. Oruba Alwan started the day addressing the architects going through her experience in completing EXAC exam.  She relayed very important steps to prepare for the exam and how to overcome some of the challenges in writing this exam. She shared some useful tips and great resources to enable candidates to succeed.

In the second part of the event, Mr. Saad Al-Joudi presented “Team work” which is one of the lectures in the series called “In Search of Excellence”. He emphasized how we all can be successful in a team environment whether at home or at work by following the ‘golden rule’ which he defined to be: “what you gain with respect and love is far more than what you get through fear and threat”. Throughout the session, Mr.Al-Joudi shared examples of famous figures in history who flourished because they competed against the situation rather than the rival, and used their failures as a learning experience to move forward. The attendees engaged in an interesting discussion as to whether a person who is slow and steady would be more successful at work or a person who is fast and consistent!  This presentation emphasized the idea of team work in managing projects and the enhancement of individual and working environments.

At the end of the presentation, Mr. Al-Joudi engaged the attendees in an exercise to provide feedback for CNIEA using the SWOT methodology. Attendees had time to network, discuss various ideas and share their experiences to outline some of the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for the network.

Thank you to Mrs. Alwan and Mr. Al-Joudi for sharing their knowledge and for their time. Thanks to CNIEA existing members, new members and their guests for attending and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next event in October.

For suggestions on topics for future events, feel free to reach out to one of the committee members.