Network By-Law







In order to consolidate the bonds of mutual cooperation, assistance and fraternity among members; and to secure for than proper working conditions; and to foster the professional development of engineering and architectural skills and knowledge; and to maintain continuity of our ancient Iraqi history, traditions and culture; The Iraqi Canadian Engineers and Architects Network has been established on Monday, Sept 28, 2009 at 7.00 pm in Mississauga, Ontario, in accordance with the by-laws of this Constitution.

Article 1: Network Name 


B: Definition of the Network: A professional Network of Canadian Engineers and Architects (E&A) with Iraqi background who live and work in Canada.

Article 2: Objectives 

1. To play an active role in assisting members to practice their profession in the engineering and architectural fields.

2. To encourage and guide the members towards obtaining the Engineering and Architectural (E&A) license in Canada.
3. To assist E&A newcomers to enrol into the Canadian market.
4. To provide E&A with all the necessary information needed to be able to merge with new work environment.
5. To provide the members with opportunities to expand their business network.
6. To provide an easy-access environment for information exchange in the field of engineering and architecture.
7. To facilitate social interaction among members and their families throughout activities and events.
8. To build up bridges with other professional communities and associations.
9. To promote for integrity with the Canadian society in helping people and saving the environment.
10. Creating a convenient atmosphere of friendly relationship among Network members residing in Canada; and providing for them opportunities to get together and cooperate among themselves; and assisting the new immigrants in exploring work opportunities so as to adopt themselves to their new life; and to contribute to the general welfare of the Canadian society.
11. Fostering education, scientific knowledge, technical skills, and proceeding for this purpose to perform social affairs, exhibitions, courses, and educational activities.
12. Strengthening ties between which it lives, and fostering for this purpose, the cultural, social and human relations with clubs, organizations and with similar institutions in Canada.
13. Respecting democracy and human rights as provided for in international charts and protocols.
14. Conducting social affairs of fund raising nature, such as parties, picnics, musical performances, the income of which shall be toed for the activities of the Network.
15. Introducing Iraqi history and culture to the Canadian society, through activities to be conducted for this purpose.


Article 3: Clarification 


1- The Network is not promoting or representing any type of political, religious or racial agenda, and will not involve in any activity related to these issues.
2- While the Network is promoting for ethical and professional conducts, the Network holds no responsibility whatsoever towards member’s behaviour and conduct.


Article 4: Membership 

 1. Any person of Iraqi background holding Engineering or Architects degree living and working in Canada of good moral character, without prejudice and who abides by the Network Constitution, may be accepted as a member of this Network.

2. Memberships are categorized as follows:
- Member: Licensed engineer or architect.
- Associate: holder of engineering or architect degree.
3. Anyone who wishes to register with this Network shall log on the Network website and provide correct
data in the required fields of information.
4. The Executive Committee has the right to check the provided information by the applicant and for
membership approval.
5. The Executive Committee is not obliged to disclose the reasons of unapproved application.
6. The member shall abide by the by-laws of this Constitution and obliged to maintain order, publicize
amicable atmosphere among the members of the Network.
7. The Executive committee shall have full power to reconsider or decide cancellation of membership of
any applicants who shall not abide by the by-laws of this Constitution provided this decision in
subsequent meeting of the General Body. In this case the membership shall remain inactive until
decided on. 


Article 5: Branches (Chapters) 


Branches to other cities in Canada may be established where there is enough number of Engineers and Architects of Iraqi backgrounds who have the desire and abide by this constitution, provided the branches bear the same name of the Network and have the addition of “Branch of...." or "Chapter of...".  


Article 6: Administrative Body 

 The Administrative Body: Comprise of Network Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Local Executive Committee.

A. Board of Directors: five (5) members of the founders or appointed by the founders. 
The Board of Directors shall call a meeting to assign board members and their duties.

i. The board comprises of: 

1. President: who shall be the spokesperson of the Network, and shall be responsible before the members and competent authorities for his management and supervision of the Network activities. He shall also be obligated to supervise the meeting of this Body.
2. Executive Director: who shall be in an acting role of managing and supervising the main activities of the Network and shall have all powers of the President in the absence of the latter, or in the event of his inability to execute his duties.
3. Public Relation Director: who shall mange the communication between the Network and its members, the Network and the general public including (other organizations, government, business entities and educational institutes).
4. Technical Director: who shall mange the scientific and technical issues within the Network.
5. Advisor: who shall be consulted in different issues of the Network.

ii. The Board may discharge the Executive Committee or Local Committee and calls for a full or 

partial committee election.

B. Executive Committee: minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5) executives to be elected by Network members and board of directors, by means of voting or secret ballots in a general assembly. 

The Executive Committee shall call a meeting immediately after its election for assigning official duties.

i. The Committee comprises of:

1- The Treasurer: who shall manage financial activities and expenditures under the board supervision. 
2- Secretary: who shall have general charge of the daily activities.
3- Network Executives: who shall propose, coordinate, and execute Network general activities under the Board supervision.

ii. Executive Committee shall hold periodic and regular meetings with the Board in accordance with 

the time-table prepared by the Board for this purpose, and in which the Committee shall present
the proposed projects and other affairs before the Board for discussion and approval.

C. Branches: The branches shall elect Local Executive Committees in their area. The local committee 

has the same structure and authority as in B. (C, D and E deleted)


Article 7: Finance 

 A. Comprises of:

1- Annual fees, event fees and contributions of members and supporters.
2- Supports granted by the official institutions.
3- Income of affairs and activities.
4- Other unconditional donations.
5- Network expenditures.

B. The Board supervises and have charge (to be revised) and custody of all funds (including branches).

C. All funds (including branches) shall be deposited to the credit of the Network in one of the Canadian banks. No amount from the deposits may be withdrawn unless authorized by the Board.

D. As an official formation, the Network may possess movable and immovable whose income shall be part of the general revenues. The Board may exclusively decide the volume of the annual fee.

E. Branches to present annual finance report and proposed budget for next year.

F. Network to allocate required amount for the Branches according to approved budget. 
E & F proposal to be added


Article 8: The General Body 

 The General Body which comprises of all members shall hold its meetings every six months or at the request of the Board, so as to inform the members of the general activities of the Network, and to consider the activities and important decisions which the Executive Committee and/or the Board does not wish to decide on single-handedly.


Article 9: General Annual Assembly 

 The General Annual Assembly shall be convened at the request of the Executive Committee. The Assembly shall have quorum when the majority of members are present. If there is no quorum at the first meeting, the assembly shall be held at next date assigned by the Executive Committee, and the meeting will be considered legal. The Executive Committee shall present, during the period of its term, a report of its activities and the financial statement, and on projects anticipated for the new term. Approval by the majority shall be a binding condition for the confirmation of the annual and financial reports. The Assembly shall elect a new Executive Committee.

An emergency Annual Meeting may be held at an invitation of Board of Directors or one half of the total number of the members, if there is a necessity such as failure of the Executive Committee in fulfilling its undertakings. In this case, the General Body has power to substitute another body for the incumbent by means of secret ballots carried on for this purpose. The decision shall be binding if majority approves it.

Article 10: Amendment 

 1- The Board of Directors has the authority to amend this Bylaw without notice and as necessary.

2- The Executive Committee and members (through the executive committee) may propose changes to this Bylaw. The changes must be discussed and approved by the board of directors.