Q1)    How did the network idea first come?
A1.    With a growing community of Iraqi engineers and architects in Canada, a need arose to establish a network for supporting and directing engineers and architects.

Q2)    How did the network name come out?
A2.    The temporary board called for suggestions and elected CNIEA which represents members (Engineers & Architects) and activity type.

Q3)    What is the reason for combining Engineers and Architects?
A3.    Main objective of the network is to support Iraqi engineers who live in Canada and Architects in Iraq are part of the engineering community.

Q4)    How the temporary board was selected?
A4.    A group of individuals volunteered to support the network idea and act as temporary board until it’s formally registered and an official board is assigned.

Q5)    What are the benefits from joining CNIEA
A5.    Besides brining people together, joining CNIEA gives you the opportunity to interact with larger group of people whom you share with same background and culture. In addition, CNIEA, through its members, helps in merging Iraqi engineers into Canadian society and job market.

Q6)    Where does the network get its finance from?
A6.    The network relies on donations and support from individuals within the network. If you wish to donate, please contact us by email and we will guide you accordingly.

Q7)    How can one become a member?
A7.    Log into CNIEA website (WWW.NCIEA.NET) and fill out the registration form.

Q8)    How can one join the board?
A8.    Once the temporary board calls for nomination, interested candidate will be advised about election time and procedure. Stay tuned through the network web site.

Q9)    Is this a subsidiary of PEO or other organization in Canada or abroad?
A9.    No, CNIEAis a standalone network. Cooperation with other organizations will be decided by the board members as they see appropriate.

Q10)    Does CNIEA accept membership from Iraqi engineers outside Canada?
A10.    The main focus of CNIEA is the people who live in Canada however those who live elsewhere are welcomed to interact with the network members and sign in as “registered users” on the network website.

Q11)    Does CNIEA support any political party or ideology in Iraq or Canada?
A11.    No, CNIEA is completely independent professional network, its aim is to leverage the technical knowledge and experience of its members through the Canadian business community.

Q12)    Does CNIEA offer job search and/or recruitment opportunities?
A12.    No, but CNIEA encourage networking between it's members which will help in finding the hidden job market. Also, CNIEA encourages members to post jobs to the website where you can visit our “Job Opportunities” page to browse postings. You can also upload your resume on your profile.

Q13)    Where is the location of CNIEA?

A13.    CNIEA has a virtual existence on the internet to connect all engineers across Canada.

Q14)    How to visit CNIEA and meet members.
A14.    CNIEA arranges general meetings and social activities from time to time. The gathering is usually held in the GTA area to coupe the biggest number of CNIEA members. CNIEA welcomes establishing new chapters in othe provinces all around Canada.


Q15)   How to link up with other members.

A15.    When you log in, on the user menu, click the "members list". You will see the list of registered members. You can search for a certain descipline for instance, or you can browse the list. Just click on the name and you will see the member profile. You can contact her/him by "send email" link. You will be presented with a mail form you can use to send a private message to the member. You will not be able to see the member e-mail address (for privacy reasons), but when you submit the mail, your e-mail (the one used for registering) will appear on the message sent to that member. The member then can choose to answer you, and when doing so, you will see her/his e-mail address and you can communicate from that point on. Also, you can add that contact to your connections, she/he has to accept your invitation. After that, you will have a list of all your connections (favourites) that you can access for easy communications.

Q16)    How to submit my resume.
A16.    Please click on "Submit an Article" on the user menu to the left and copy paste your resume. Also add a title for your resume like" Civil Engineer looking for ...." and select "job board" for section and "Job seeker" for category. Please make sure to modify your formatting as when you paste from word, you will lose some formatting. I recommend to copy your resume to notepad, modify it there and copy paste from notepad to the website. Your resume will follow the same article submission rules, i.e. will be reviewed by the administration before it is published.