Saturday December 09, 2017 Event - Ontario Chapter


Ontario Chapter had last event of 2017 on December 09, 2017 at Erin Mills Twin Arena in Mississauga.

This event had tow topics:

1- Presentation on 101 of investments

  • What are  investments
  • Different types of investments
  • Sharia compliant and SRI investments
  • How to start investing

 By;  Mohamed Emara,  Financial Advisor Edward Jones

2- Presentation on Types of Sprinkler Systems.

Presented by; Ammar Al Kotobe:

- Fire Protection Industry abbreviations.
- Why Sprinkler system is required in a building.
- Sprinkler System Components.
- Basics of Sprinkler System Design.
- Type of Sprinkler Systems

The event was Sponsored by Mr. Mohamed Emara,  Financial Advisor Edward Jones 

3420 Rebecca Street, Unit 22
Great Lakes Plaza
Oakville, ON, L6L6W2
Tel: 905-825-3751

As usual in every event we had our Iraqi breakfast with chatting and networking

between CNIEA’s members and guests.

Hope to see you in our next events.

Best regards