Network Breakfast Event




With the sponsorship of our valued sponsor Mr. Alaa Yousif, CNIEA members, Our members especially job search group and newcomers along with their families met in Shahryar Center on Saturday Feb 20, 2016 from 10:00am to 2:00pm for a breakfast and networking event.

The event started with introduction presentation about CNIEA objective, history, activities and plans and then: 

  • Awards given to Mr. Osama Alayobi for his effort for preparing PMP course for 10 candidates (CNIEA members) and for his other efforts in supporting the Network.
  • Completion Certificates of PMP course given to the course candidates.
  • Awards given to our members Wejdan Ismail and Firas Aljumaily and Dr. Raed Al-Rawi as appreciation for their voluntarily efforts for helping newcomers and job search group and CNIEA other activities.
  • Special award to Mr. Alaa Yousif for his continue support for CNIEA Network and sponsoring its events.
  • Introduction for Alaa Yousif business by Shamil Basil 
  • Housing Orientation by Dr. Raed Al Rawi and Hayder Rijab

During his speech Mr. Alaa Yousif suggested an idea for working together with the Network for providing additional efforts to Iraqi community. CNIEA Board of Directors, executives and members appreciated Mr. Alaa opinion and will coordinate with him for more details, and to make it workable.


There was a free time for networking and mutual discussion among the members and thier families.


Thanks for Mr. Alaa and his supporting staff for sponsoring the event, thanks for Shahryar Center and thanks for all who support that successful gathering.



The Network