Ontario Chapter – February 18th Event



Ontario Chapter – February 18th Event

February 18th was an eventful day for the CNIEA-Ontario Chapter. The chapter had their monthly event at the Erin Mills Twin Arena in Mississauga.

The first presentation for this event was by Mrs. Mayy Habayeb. Mrs. Mayy holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Engineering with over 20 years of experience. She is also a member of PMI and holds a PMP certificate. During her presentation, Mrs. Mayy covered the following:

-        Value of the Project management Institute (PMI) certification and the pre-requisites.

-        Five process groups and the ten knowledge areas of PMI.

-        Main 16 elements of a successful project plan; and

-        Implementing projects within various organization structures & Culture


The members who attended this event were impressed with the presentation and said that it was” concise, organized, informative and valuable”.  Many members commented that this presentation was useful for anyone who is planning to take the PMP certificate or going for a job interview. The presentation will be available online for CNIEA members to access. After the presentation, Ms.Mayy answered the attendees’ questions about Project Management training and PMP Exam prep courses offered at ETA management consultancy and training.


In the afternoon, the attendees enjoyed a presentation by our fellow CNIEA member, Mr. Ahmed Al-Nayar. Mr. Ahmed is well-known among our members in the Ontario Chapter.  He is a Professional Engineer and holds a bachelor and master degree in Geotechnical Engineering. Mr.Ahmed delivered an interactive presentation on closing one bay of concrete culvert on trucks’ road. The audience were presented with the engineering challenge that Mr. Ahmed worked on at a project in Al-Ain city in UAE. To the attendees, the solution for this project seemed very obvious and they were able to come up with couple of reasonable solutions. However, finding a technical solution to a problem might not be so challenging, but finding a technical solution with a restricted budget and limited timelines creates another challenge that requires a creativity to solve.  Mr. Ahmed discussed the solution chosen and how it was constructed safely.


Mr. Ahmed is a great example of a member who joined CNIEA when he first came to Canada and he is now giving back to the committee and his fellow members through sharing his knowledge and time.  Members such as Mr. Ahmed make the CNIEA committee strive to continue on its mission and goals.


Many thanks to Ms. Mayya Habayab and Mr. Ahmed Al-Nayyar for making our February event a great success, and thanks to them for sharing their knowledge and time. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event . 

Ontario Chapter – January 21st, 2017 Event




Ontario Chapter had their first event of 2017 on January 21st at Clarkson Community Centre. CNIEA welcomed new and returning members and their friends at this event.

As requested previously by many members, this event focused on Project Management. Mr. Firas Shugaa was generous to volunteer his time again and presented a lecture on one of the five Project Management process groups based on PMI methodology: Planning.  Last year, Mr. Firas gave a lecture on Procurement process. The session was very interactive and there were a lot of great discussions about key terms and various knowledge areas within the Planning process as well as some knowledge test questions.

During the break, our attendees had a chance to network and speak to a representative from Evergreen College. The representative from Evergreen College discussed and answered members’ questions regarding various programs and services available at Evergreen College.

Special thanks to Mr. Firas Shugaa for another informative session and for sharing his knowledge and time. As usual, our events wouldn’t be possible without the great generosity of our sponsors, thanks to Mr. Alaa Yousif for sponsoring this event and his continuous support to CNIEA. Also, thanks to all attendees for the great turnout at our first event of the year, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next event on February 18th. We always like to hear your feedbacks on our events and suggestions for future events; please feel free to reach out to one of our committee members.



CNIEA Ontario Chapter event , December 10th, 2016


CNIEA Ontario Chapter held the last event of 2016 on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at South Common Community Centre in Mississauga.

The event focused on the professional Resume prepared and presented by CNIEA’s president Mr. Hiam Al Sabery, P.Eng. with the coordination and contribution of Mrs. Wejdan Ismail (P. Eng.).

The subject of the event was requested by “Corporation for Good” WhatsApp group.  

Mr. Hiam started his presentation addressing how the resume is a very important marketing tool for the applicants to getting the interview. The presentation took two hours and included the following slides main titles:










Mr. Hiam explained the slides and answered the questions with the contribution of the attendances. Different types and samples of resumes were shown.  

At the end of the presentation, the attendances were distributed for groups according to the disciplines and many resumes were reviewed by volunteer’s mentors.  

CNIEA appreciate the efforts of all who contribute for this successful workshop.