Ontario Chapter - December 09 2017 Event - Sprinkler System


Our Next Event will be on Saturday December 09, 2017  (10 am - 2 pm) 

at Erin Mills Twin Arena located at map  3205 Unity Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 4L5, Mississauga, Ontario

  Topics of the Event;

1.  Presentation on  101 of investments

  • What are  investments
  • Different types of investments
  • Sharia compliant and SRI investments
  • How to start investing


By;  Mohamed Emara,  Financial Advisor Edward Jones

Started with Edward Jones  since 2014

Office is in  Oakville, ON

Work with Families and small businesses to help create, grow and protect wealth


2. Presentation on Types of Sprinkler Systems.

Presented by; Ammar Al Kotobe

B. Sc. Electrical Engineer - University of Technology 1994.
Licensed profession engineer in the provence on Ontario since 2007. 
Fire protection certificate - Senica Collage.
Member of Canadian Fire Alarm Association CFAA.
Licensed Industrial Electrician 442A. 

Ontario Chapter – April 29 Event



Ontario Chapter had their monthly event on April 29, 2017 at Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.

This event focused on helping attendance pursue their long term financial goals

through comprehensive, individualized financial planning.  

Mr. Mohammad Kababji has volunteered his time and efforts again to present (The

5 Steps for an Effective Estate Plan).

Mr. M. Kababji is a certified financial planner at Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

Also, he’s working closely with clients to develop customized financial strategies

that incorporate asset allocation, financial management and make adjustments as

economic or lifestyle conditions warrant.

   Mr. M. Kababji has discussed the 5 Steps for an Effective Estate Plan:

  • How to minimize taxes.
  • Transfer assets to beneficiaries in a financially efficient and fair manner.
  • Provide for survivors
  • Ensure business continuity.
  • Identify who carries out last wishes and who cares for minor children.

   As usual in every event we had our Iraqi breakfast with chatting and networking

between CNIEA’s members and guests.

   Thank you to Mr. Kababji for sharing the knowledge and for his time and efforts.

Thank you to CNIEA existing and new members for attending our event.

Hope to see you in our next events.

Best regards

Ontario Chapter – February 18th Event



Ontario Chapter – February 18th Event

February 18th was an eventful day for the CNIEA-Ontario Chapter. The chapter had their monthly event at the Erin Mills Twin Arena in Mississauga.

The first presentation for this event was by Mrs. Mayy Habayeb. Mrs. Mayy holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Engineering with over 20 years of experience. She is also a member of PMI and holds a PMP certificate. During her presentation, Mrs. Mayy covered the following:

-        Value of the Project management Institute (PMI) certification and the pre-requisites.

-        Five process groups and the ten knowledge areas of PMI.

-        Main 16 elements of a successful project plan; and

-        Implementing projects within various organization structures & Culture


The members who attended this event were impressed with the presentation and said that it was” concise, organized, informative and valuable”.  Many members commented that this presentation was useful for anyone who is planning to take the PMP certificate or going for a job interview. The presentation will be available online for CNIEA members to access. After the presentation, Ms.Mayy answered the attendees’ questions about Project Management training and PMP Exam prep courses offered at ETA management consultancy and training.


In the afternoon, the attendees enjoyed a presentation by our fellow CNIEA member, Mr. Ahmed Al-Nayar. Mr. Ahmed is well-known among our members in the Ontario Chapter.  He is a Professional Engineer and holds a bachelor and master degree in Geotechnical Engineering. Mr.Ahmed delivered an interactive presentation on closing one bay of concrete culvert on trucks’ road. The audience were presented with the engineering challenge that Mr. Ahmed worked on at a project in Al-Ain city in UAE. To the attendees, the solution for this project seemed very obvious and they were able to come up with couple of reasonable solutions. However, finding a technical solution to a problem might not be so challenging, but finding a technical solution with a restricted budget and limited timelines creates another challenge that requires a creativity to solve.  Mr. Ahmed discussed the solution chosen and how it was constructed safely.


Mr. Ahmed is a great example of a member who joined CNIEA when he first came to Canada and he is now giving back to the committee and his fellow members through sharing his knowledge and time.  Members such as Mr. Ahmed make the CNIEA committee strive to continue on its mission and goals.


Many thanks to Ms. Mayya Habayab and Mr. Ahmed Al-Nayyar for making our February event a great success, and thanks to them for sharing their knowledge and time. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event .